Excel Corrugated Boxes (P) Ltd is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. All the manufacturing and printing is done in-house. A highly committed and motivated management and work force ensure products of the highest quality and prompt delivery.

The facilities listed below will give a clear picture of the manufacturing capabilities of the company.


Offset printing

Creasing machines

Slitter reel winder and reel to sheet cutter

Lamination machine


Die making workshop

High Speed Double Profile



The Plant is equipped with high speed single face Corrugating Machine having a conversion capacity of 1500 Tons/Shift/Year. The Machine Works on the latest PLC Technology (up controlled) with auto sheet cutting facility to provide accurate and qualitative product output.



Gum Mixing (Cooking) Vessel


A 500 litre, double jacketed steam heated vessel is used for cooking the pasting gum. Similarly another 300 litre vessel is used for cooking the Corrugating gum. Since the gum is cooked in house in strict accordance with the set standards in the industry, the solid contents and viscosity are maintained properly ensuring a proper, stronger & permanent bondage. The quality commitment is maintained here too.



Flexographic Printing Machine



To have a direct control over the delivery schedule and for the best quality printing that is sought after by the customer with printing requirements, we are equipped with a single color flexo graphic roller board printer with a capacity to print 3600 boards/ hour.



Platen Punching Machine


To cater the ever increasing demand for inter locking boxes, we are equipped with a platen punching machine having a capacity of 1000 impressions/hour.





Cobb Tester

Bursting Strength Testers